How To Play Quinn!

As we have had several requests for this and none of our admins were comfortable giving advice on this character, I asked my lovely friend Talia if she would put together some advice for you guys. 

One of the best - and most difficult - things about playing Quinn Fabray is the fact that she’s not just a one dimensional character. She has layers and it’s important to touch on all of them when you’re portraying her. Here are some tips for playing everyone’s favorite Yale student.

Keep in mind that Quinn Fabray is obsessed with her image and how she appears to other people. We’ve seen it plenty of times on the show! It’s especially important if you’re playing Quinn in previous seasons. Many times she has made bad decisions and done stupid things just to boost her reputation and that’s something you want to keep consistent. She tends to keep her emotions bottled up because of that and let’s all the anger and frustration build until she has no choice but to let it all out.

Speaking of anger, one of the biggest mistakes I see when people portray Quinn is playing her as a straight up bitch. She has her moments because she’s a human being and it’s very unrealistic to have someone be perfect and sweet constantly but, more often than not, she’s selfless and kindhearted. She also fiercely protective over those she cares about.

Don’t make your Quinn a cry baby! She has a tendency to feel sorry for herself (Who wouldn’t after everything she has been through?) and is even kind of self-deprecating at times but that’s not something that happens often. It all ties into how concerned she is about her image. The last thing she wants is to appear weak. She’s insecure and fragile but she keeps an almost impenetrable wall up around her at all times and it’s unlikely she’ll just randomly start confessing how inadequate she feels. 

Quinn Fabray is a lady and she only rarely curses. 

She is resilient. Life has knocked her on her ass a lot and each time she’s stood up, brushed herself off and carried on. She’s not going to give in easily no matter the circumstances.

I’ve always imagined sex to be a difficult subject for Quinn. She got pregnant the first time she made love and I can’t picture her just rushing into a sexual experience. Unless you’re playing Skank!Quinn. It’s something she would obviously be cautious about and maybe even shy away from. For a while, at least.

Remember there really is no right or wrong way to play Quinn. The most important thing is to just have fun because that is what roleplaying is about.

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